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Atmosfere Guest House is located in a strategic position for anyone wishing to visit the Cinque Terre, Portovenere, La Spezia and the entire Gulf of Poets: with the comfortable Cinque Terre Express, the enhanced line that connects La Spezia to all the Cinque Terre with a high frequency train line (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso), in just 8 minutes you can reach the first of the towns!

Starting from our Guest House it is easy to reach any destination you want to visit with different transportations: a few steps from the accommodation is the Central Station, the boarding for the boats to the Cinque Terre, as well as to Portovenere, the Islands, and Lerici . You can also reach the two sides of the Gulf by bus, and the stops are just around the corner!

The entire territory is also crossed by a dense network of paths, well-marked paths that will remain etched in the eyes of anyone who wants to set out: the blue of the sea that contrasts with the fragrant vegetation of the Mediterranean Sea overlooking the coast, the terraces created with centuries of work by farmers, the dizzying glimpse of the islands in front of the Gulf of Poets, this and much more will reward every effort of the hikers.

… But not only Cinque Terre!

The entire Gulf of Poets, dotted with villages overlooking the sea, deserves to be visited: Portovenere, and in front of it the three islands of Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto, are a real spectacle that cannot be missed if you are visiting the area.

The same applies to the other side of the Gulf with Lerici – dominated by its imposing castle – San Terenzo and Tellaro, villages interspersed with renowned small beaches and coves.

Beyond the Gulf, moreover, we suggest to Guests who want to fully enjoy the beauties of the area a walk in the town of Sarzana, a small treasure of history, art and architecture, the “capital” of the historic region called Lunigiana.

While to the West, just past the Cinque Terre, continuing on the magnificent Ligurian coast, you will find Levanto, Bonassola and Framura, three villages rich in wide beaches and equipped for water sports, today joined by a new cycle and pedestrian path obtained by converting the tunnels of the old railway line.

The city, shopping, and the Ligurian gastronomic tradition:

La Spezia, located in the center of the Gulf of Poets, is a charming city mostly developed between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: the large pedestrian center (just a step away from the accommodations you will find boutiques, shops and bars of all type), the San Giorgio Castle, the gardens and the seaside promenade display the image of a quiet provincial town where the sea has always played a fundamental role … even in the dishes that are now served in the numerous and varied restaurants in the center . Anchovies, muscles (mussels), and many other delicacies are just waiting to be ordered!


The Gulf of Poets, already defined as a “water amphitheater” that several villages dot from one end to the other: La Spezia is its fulcrum, from here in fact the boats depart for Portovenere and the Cinque Terre.
Among the many villages that dot it, in addition to the well-known Lerici and Portovenere, we want to mention some in particular: Tellaro – renowned buen retiro for many who choose it for its placidity, La Serra – perhaps the most beautiful view of the Gulf can be enjoyed from here!, Montemarcello – surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean bush, its geometries testify to its foundation in Roman times. On the western side, then, we find Le Grazie, Fezzano and Cadimare: quiet villages lying on the coast where, although they are populated, a less hectic pace of life is still perceived.

La Spezia

La Spezia, a splendid pearl on the sea, as a local folk song says, is the reference center of the Ligurian east coast: for anyone interested in its history, a visit to the Naval Museum (at the Arsenale dellla Marina Militare) and the San Giorgio Castle Museum are definitely recommended! The city had a strong expansion at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, after the unification of Italy and the consequent construction of the military arsenal: the whole center, on the flat and on the hills, is dotted with fine Art Nouveau buildings , many of these climb up the numerous stairways that connect the residential part on the hill to the historic center. For those who are not afraid of stairs, a walk is a must! For those who fear them, then we recommend the comfortable lift that leads from Via del Prione to the Castle: it will be much easier to enjoy the magnificent view!


The town of Lerici has always been a place of fascination for many: poets and writers of different natures decided to reside in this bay for a long time: Shelley and Byron among the first ones. Hence the name Golfo dei Poeti.
The Castle, which dominates the town from its rocky spur, a key point in controlling the waters of the gulf and beyond, has witnessed the vicissitudes that took place between the maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa.
Today, under the Castle there is the pier, with its promenade, and, on the other side, three very popular small beaches in the summer season.
Ca va sans dire, in this beautiful location there is no shortage of restaurants and bars, everyone will find what they like best.
We add that a beautiful recently renovated path connects the town of Lerici to the equally beautiful San Terenzo, also with beaches … and its Castle, only smaller!


Portovenere, its small Church of San Pietro, and the islands in front of the town, probably represent the most scenic place in the Gulf: seeing is believing!
The place is, as well as incredibly scenic, rich in history and nature: the paths that connect it to the Cinque Terre are among the most beautiful of the entire trails network of the Gulf.
You can reach the town of Portovenere either by car, by boat or by bus, with the latter connections are frequent and the return is also scheduled after dinner.
In front of the town, the Palmaria island, equipped with paths and small beaches served by bars, and partly still wild, can be visited by boat directly from La Spezia, as well as from Portovenere.


The Cinque Terre trail network, which includes the Azzurro path, that is the path closest to the sea connecting the 5 villages, and the Via dei Santuari, which instead passes over the hillside, offers a considerable amount of possible routes. It also connects to the network of trails of the Gulf of La Spezia. There are long or short routes, easy or harder, and it is impossible to find one that does not have its reasons of interest. If you have the opportunity, therefore, the invitation is to put on comfortable shoes, bring some water, and get going!
In the photo, the Monesteroli path: one of the most breathtaking paths that exist: a wonderful staircase that follows the profile of the hill, diving into the sea.


Main center of the 5 Terre National Park, Riomaggiore has one of the two beaches of the Cinque Terre villages. Only 8 minutes by train from La Spezia. Also connected by boat, like the other towns, during the summer. Like the other towns, it is connected to the path network, of course: it is worth remembering that via the path you can reach the Sanctuary of Montenero, one of the most evocative places in the entire Natural Park. From here, in fact, in a single glance you can focus on all 5 villages of the Cinque Terre, and enjoy the tranquility of a place where the road does not reach!


Perhaps the most photographed village in the Cinque Terre: the promontory offers a glimpse that attracts visitors from all over the world! Manarola, starting from the train station, wedged between the rock of the cliff and the sea, is a decidedly unforgettable place. As for the other villages, follow its small alleys (the alleys of the town), between a cat and a bow the sea will peep out surprising you every time.
We remind you that in the cold season Manarola attracts visitors for its famous Nativity scene: in the land of a farmer, between one terrace and another, the characters of a nativity scene come to life, illuminated at night, crowding an entire hill!


Corniglia is the most isolated of the villages: perched on the hill, and overlooking the sea, it is an ideal place for those seeking tranquility between an excursion and a swim. Despite being isolated, there is no lack of restaurants and bars.
It does not have an embarkment place, therefore the boat does not stop here, but, for those interested, it is still possible to descend the hill on the side opposite the station to get to what the locals have always used as a small port: a dive will be a real satisfaction before resuming the climb to return to the village!


Perhaps the most elegant of the Cinque Terre villages, Vernazza is also the real star of the Disney film “Luca”: the square, the tower, the church and adjoining bell tower, and the wonderful views from its paths can only leave you speechless. ! The path that connects Vernazza to Corniglia is one of the most beautiful in the area, but for those who do not want to set out, it will be enough to stop, feet in the water, or a glass in hand in one of the cafes of the marina, to contemplate the spectacle offered by the view.


Both the old town and Fegina, the new part of the town, offer comfortable beaches surrounded by an enchanting scenery. Unlike the other villages of the Cinque Terre, Monterosso, given the long beach that connects it to the sea, is less compressed and more airy. For those who have the curiosity to see a real Giant, just go to the bottom of the beach of Fegina, the Villa that closes the town, in fact, at the time, had a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea … today it remains the supporting column, which, infact, has the features and dimensions of a real Giant.
Among those of the Cinque Terre, it is the town that offers more “nightlife” in the evening: restaurants and pubs in the old town are definitely numerous.


Monterosso riviera, Cinque Terre

Here are some of the beaches that we want to highlight among others in the area:

Monterosso al Mare – Old Town and Fegina
The largest beach among those of the Cinque Terre, largely equipped, is located right in front of the village station, and is that of Fegina.
The old town also has a beach, smaller, but perhaps even more fascinating.

The Riomaggiore beach has a small initial part of sand whose grains gradually and rapidly increase in size until they become real boulders on which to lie down!
Sheltered from the winds, it is very close to the boat’s embarkment: waiting, therefore, can become one of the most relaxing.

On the island you will find small beaches and wonderful views: on one side, at Terrizzo, the view is on the town of Portovenere, on the other, Pozzale side, the promontory of Caprione (Montemarcello) and the Tuscan coast as far as the eye can see. .
Less crowded than the beaches of the Cinque Terre, they are not a makeshift, but a real destination to put at the top of the list.

Baia Blu – (San Terenzo)
The beach has been recently fully equipped and renovated, so today it presents itself with a new look: Restaurant, bar, sunbeds, there is everything you need for those who love to enjoy the sea in comfort. The bay itself is very beautiful and can be reached by car in less than 20 minutes from La Spezia.

In Fiascherino, between Tellaro and Lerici, there are two very beautiful free beaches, closed by small promontories of bare rock and surrounded by beautiful villas: about 25 minutes by car from La Spezia. There is also, a few hundred meters away, the Eco del Mare, a private and very exclusive beach.

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